Telling stories that matter.

Wady Films is a Luxembourg-based full service film production.


Founded in 2015, Wady Films cultivates artistic, thought-provoking projects across film, television and digital platforms. Our company is committed to groundbreaking storytelling, visionary world-building and the unpacking of contemporary social issues.


Wady Films champions highly specific perspectives and artistic collaborations with unique and traditionally underrepresented voices.


Our work challenges the conventional architecture of genre storytelling from drama to comedy to documentary, while balancing avant garde visual language with undeniably contagious fun.


The company is a member of ULPA (Luxembourg Producer's Guild) and is eligible for funding from the Filmfund Luxembourg.


Adolf El Assal is also a member of LARS (Luxembourg’s Writers and Directors’ Guild), a Berlinale Talents, EAVE, Screen Leaders Alumni as well as a member of the European Film Academy.